Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quotes of the Day

Here are the most interesting things I've said, thought, and wrote all day.

"Hey, Chris, I don't have much to say to you, but I have to say this... Fuck you, we're over! And you sure as hell ain't gettin any of this! *unzips lumpy jacket to reveal non-dress-code tanktop*"

- This was last week, but it's still an epic break up.

"If the rich don't help the poor, then the poor will remain poor, and the rich will remain rich, and nobody will ever be happy with what they've got. There goes trickle-down economics."
- An excerpt from my half-page long answer to "Do you think the rich are obligated to help the poor?" When I say "half-page" I mean, litrally, half-page.

"Fuck you, bitch!"

- To my mother this morning when she called me fat. What I wanted to say was "Fuck you, at least I'm not anorexic like like your twiggy ass, See You N Tea."

"I don't 'dislike' music. I love music. I just hate what's 'popular'. The fact of the matter is, I listen to way more Rammstein and Mozart than can possibly be healthy."
- My response if anyone ever was to claim I don't like any music because I don't like Pink Floyd, Linkin Park's new album, and whatever the hell else they were listening to in my first hour.

"There isn't a worse person alive who could have small hands and stubby fingers than mir."
- To Erika after she commented on how ridiculously small my hands are. Her response was to tell me to shut the fuck up.

"Touch me one more time and I will punch you in the jaw, boy"
- A very irritated me to a boy in my math class. He decided not to test my words.

"Well then. I just spent the last half-hour or so listening to a song about a man who walks up to a school, kills a bunch of kids, rapes a schoolgirl, and then bleeds to death (presumably because he stabbed himself). And I was singing along. Yeah, I had a bad day."

- My facebook post, written about Rammstein's song Wei├čes Fleisch. I'm not sure if this is actually what the song was intended to be about, but that's what I've always taken it as. And yes, that's the one that the one Columbine boy said described him perfectly. Go figure.

"Instead of 'Look at Frosty go', I almost sang 'Watch me kill myself'.'"

- I had to sing "Frosty the Snowman" for chorus. And I hate Christmas. It's seriously just a time of year when I can get comic supplies (particularily paper) for free. Actually, I don't really like any holiday.

So yeah. My day sucked. I was depressed and pissed nearly all day. But then my mom bought me candy canes. And I just got back from a chorus preformance. So now I'm fine. Sort of. Hooray.
. . .
Here. Have some Rammstein.

Ooh, that reminds me. I posted a youtube video. Have some Latin Christian music sung by mich.

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