Sunday, November 6, 2011

And so we begin...

"I'm not a glass-half-empty or a glass-half-full kind of person. I'm the kind of person who'll smash the glass against the wall and say 'you got me the wrong kind of soda'"
Now, who said that? Come now, don't pretend like you know. No, don't look it up on Google/Yahoo/MSN/whatever the hell you're using either. This is because very few people know who Zoe Marshall is. As far as you're concerned, Zoe Marshall does not exist. Well, at least until now. Why now, you ask?
Because I am Zoe Marshall. Welcome to my blog.
My full name is Zoe Anais Marshall, "Anais" being after Anais Nin. On the internet, I'm known as zoezoewriter. I was born June 23rd, 1999 in Janesville, Wisconson and I have lived in Sarasota, Florida since I was 4. I am in 7th grade, all gifted classes (133 IQ at 10 yrs). I have a 2.5 GPA, although if I really wanted to I could pull off a 4.0... It's just so boring I...
Anyway, why do I think I am interesting enough to have a blog?
I write, I sing, I draw, I act a little... I have a knack for Psychology (Neitzsche over Freud), Criminology (considered becoming a criminal profiler), History (WW2 especially), and Government (I once spent a Friday night writing notes on communism).
I am an otaku and proud (for those who don't know, an otaku is basically an anime/manga freak who gets into it a little too much.) My favorite series is Axis Powers Hetalia - my friends actually call me Russia because of this. If you know the series, you have another bit of my personality. My favorite serious series would have to be Elfen Lied. After that Death Note, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), Code Geass (love that black and gray morality), Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Masturbation Master Kurosawa (a little-known, non-hentai, non-ecchi manga)... I also like the webcomic Blip and Homestuck- *shot*
Ehem... Anyway...
I'm teaching myself German, I plan on taking a French class next year for highschool credit, I plan on learning Czech and Russian at some point, I'll have to learn Spanish eventually with the way America is becoming.
My calling card is the Blu Butterfli, that sketchy, angular butterfly you see everywhere. I have an association with yellow, red-spattered roses as well.
Dislikes... Cheaters, egotists, con-artists, liars... I swear to whatever higher power there is out there, lie to me and you will not live to lie again.
Favorites... Food would be Saltines...or maybe, Saltines. Color... Umm... Dark I geuss? Umm...
Hmm... Congrats to those of you who are still here, because now we get to the more (or less) interesting part.
In regards to my little talents... With writing, I'm partial to psychological, mystery, thriller, and political or black comedy (but never at the same time). I'm working on getting my book, Criminal Obligation, ready for publishing. Just proofing and adding illustrations, then I can self publish with a little help and... (Criminal Obligation was scrapped mid 2011) My preffered form is actually comics, which I illustrate with the help of my background artist (after actually starting I began drawing my own backgrounds) I draw in anime and my style is very sketchy. I use dark pencil instead of ink. I smack Blu Butterfli Productions on everything...
With singing, I'm a soprano, I only really sound good when I'm singing opera, which actually kind of sucks 'cause I sound ridiculous when I'm singing along to some Rammstein, Nirvana, Rise Against, Smashing Pumpkins, Chevelle, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, old Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, Vocaloid... Basically anything I would listen to regularly with the exception of Evanescence. I actually want to see if I can get a band together during high-school. We'd have to center everything around my voice since it's...odd, but hey, no point in letting a good voice go to waste, right? Since we all know how damn long it takes to get an album together I'd still have time for writing. I'm not really gonna put too much emphasis on the acting, not too serious about that.
My biggest inspirations are Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim was awesome, but I think JTHM is better), Kurt Cobain (Rock In Peace), Till Lindemann (*waits for the moral gaurdians to get me*), Mozart, Richard Bachman (actually Stephen King, but you get what I'm implying; Rage is amaizing), and the Zodiac Killer (joking, joking! Sort of... *fascinated*).
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (by Jhonen Vasquez) and Rage (by Richard Bachman/Stephen King; now out of print) are practically my Bible.
So, that's me. Wow, I probably sound like a vain bitch, going on and on about myself like this... Let's talk about the people I'll be posting about, shall we?
I said I would, so here I go.
First up is my forever-best-friend, my partner in crime, a little-known blond broad by the name of Erika J. We met back in 5th grade, but we never really started talking until we ended up in that all-girls 2nd period in 6th grade... "We killed all the boys!" is what she yelled to good old Mr. LC, which caused me to burst out laughing with hat Wicked-Witch-serial-killer-burning-alive screech of mine. I'm tellin' ya, I just don't know what it is about that girl... She's got a crooked wheel upstairs but god, is she the twin sis I never wished for. She's energetic, blatant, blunt, a little daft at times (she's blond what do you-*shot*), and dark as pitch with barely an idea of when a good time to hide it is. We balance each other out, keep each other from going a little too mad. She smacks "Creepy Cutie Productions" on everything. For college she plans on going to a film school in the area. She also told me she hates my blog. (I fell in love with her, and we've been falling away from each other since then. I hate it. I hate it so much. Because she's one of the only people I've got.)
Next we've got my mother, Lori Marshall. She's a good woman, reliable - I have to admit that much. She doesn't treat me like I'm less than her, which is nice. She's a strong person, not afraid to speak her mind. Honestly though, Lori's a bit...spastic.
Then there's my step-dad, Mark Sanders. He has a book published - An Alternative Perspective. Although, his publishing company kind of fucked him over. He has good thoughts, good ideas. He's smarter than most people I've met, and really lax on most things. He's actually voiced anger like, twice since he moved in last year. Overall, Mark's a pretty awesome dude.
Of course I should mention my siblings, Echo June Vincent (16 yrs older, dif. father), Brennan Marshall-Morris (8 yrs older, dif. father), and Jeremy Sanders (1 yr younger, step-brother. I like to call him Germ.) Echo is a traveler, for now she's in China with her husband and daughter. Her mind is waaay out there. Brennan is in college, he's a...nice person. His charisma is better than most people you'll meet in a lifetime and he's...quirky. Jeremy's just a kid, he has a pretty soft personality, and he loves legos and videogames.
And then there's the biological father... The sperm donor... The lying bastard... I don't like him much. (Oh daddy~ You owe me for keeping you anonymous~ Chuck over the $5000+ you owe us~)
That turned out a lot longer than I intended.
So yeah. That's me and my people. I hope you enjoy hearing about my little blip of life.

I decided to take a pic of myself every day I post so I can see how I change as long as I have the blog going.

Pic of me, November 5th 2011
A drawing of me (drawn by me), taken out of the blog background AH OH ME GOD MY EYES KILL IT WITH FIRE. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!!!

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