Sunday, November 6, 2011

Communism Rant

This is controversial. If you you're offended, don't report me. I warned you.
Communism works well in princible but doesn't work in practice...unless you're either China or Prussia. And the China is semi-questionable. sort of. But Prussia actually made it work. mostly. Ya know, until the whole "switched to Fascism with Wilhelm II's death and then became a punching bag for Nazi Germany and the USSR to fight over eventually resulting in Nazi Germany just dissolving it to end it already" thing.
The biggest issues with communism is (A) people can't trust their government enough and (B) the government can't be trusted not to abuse the power over the people. It's an endless cycle of "Trust me, I can't trust you, trust me, I won't trust you."
If it was being used in a small nation (like, say, Andorra) then it would have a fighting chance.
Also, in school, when they say we're studing COMMUNISM they need to have us study COMMUNISM instead of just STALINISM. Stalinism is only ONE form of communism, and it will never work well. Stalinism is I'm pretty sure they're still trying to keep up the Red Scare thing with my generation. Yeah, keep the commies out. Bloody idiots... Communism as we know it began with Marx (Marxism). Aside from Stalin (Stalinism) there is also Marxism, Leninism (Lenin), Trotskyism (Trotsky), Maoism (Mao), and Luxemburgism (Luxemburg). Don't shove it down our throats that all communism is Stalinism, goddammit!
If you want my personal opinion on these forms, Stalinism won't work and Maoism...well, I don't think it works well, but China seems to be doing fine... I think Trotskyism has the most potential to work, next Luxemburgism or Marxism, and then Leninism. Stalinism, however, will never be able to work. ever.
On yet another note, the USSR was dissolved in 1991. Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Belarus are not bad places and there is no reason for people to freak out whenever they are mentioned in politics.
A link to my aforementioned Friday night communism notes.
Oh, and contrary to popular belief, I am neither a Communist nor a Neo-Nazi. As in, I am not a communist or a Neo-Nazi.

Formerly communist countries in orange. Currently communist countries in red.

The traditional hammer and sickle. A gold variation was used for the USSR and there are several other variations used elsewhere.

November 6th, 2011

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