Monday, November 21, 2011


It's funny how a man only thinks about the BEEP
You've got a real big heart but I'm lookin' at your BEEP
You've got real big brains but I'm lookin' at your BEEP
Girl there ain't no pain he be lookin' at your BEEP
I don't give a BOOP
Keep lookin' at my BEEP
'Cause it don't mean a thing if you're lookin' at my BEEP
I'ma do my thing while you're playin' with your BEEP
hahahahaha, hahahaha---OH WAIT.

So, before I explain the random Pussycat Dolls lyrics, I find it necissary to say that.......a dude I asked out finally said yes!
*chirp, chirp, chirp...*
Uh, guys that was your cue.
*crowd cheers*
His name's Chris. He's an awesome emoboy. :3
...unfortunately, I just explained the lyrics at the beginning. His atitude actually matches the lyrics perfectly. He knows I'm smart, he knows I have emotions, he knows that there are so many other reasons to like me, and yet...
Hmm... Igeuss I could use this to my advantage... I Have Boobs, You Must Obey? (joking, joking!)
Well, now I have to go work on my political-romance-fantasy-whatever the hell genre comic. But first...
Italy: Brother, what is this "intercourse?"
France: Hahaha, Italy, you don't know? It's something you do with someone you like! ...So, you like me?
— France and Italy, Axis Powers Hetalia (manga)
I couldn't help it! XD

Here's a nice AMV set to "Beep" by the Pussycat Dolls.

November 21, 2011

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