Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Facepalm of Gilgamesh

I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble believing that this little weeaboo-kawaii-sugoi-nyan-desu-desu has an IQ over 20.
Origami is Japanese.
A lot of great things come from places outside of Japan (like chocolate).
If you’re drawing just to be popular, you should just stop.
And finally...
Manga/anime styles are no better than any other style. As a matter of fact, a lot of people dislike them. And realistic? I'm sorry, no. On the Sliding Scale of Abstract to Realism, manga/anime is usually placed in a light gray area between "Original Disney" (for old fashioned styles Osamu Tezuka's) right up closer under "American Comic Book" (for styles like Hideo Yamamoto's). Most styles fall between these two boundaries, with occasional exceptions for people like Lily who draw a bit more realistically than the American comic book - once again, exception not rule. As a whole, manga/anime styles are still on the cartoony side of the spectrum. This makes perfect sense once you consider that most manga/anime styles are not meant to mimic reality, just like most cartoons.
See, this is the difference between an artist and an idiot. An artist is willing to not only accept flaws in their own style, but is also open to other styles; an idiot is, well, an idiot.

One last thing...

Anyway, I here's what I posted on deviantArt last night [link] 

Also, I have a shitfuck painful ear infection and god fucking dammit I'm starting to think it'd be less painful just to rip the god-forsaken thing right out of my head.

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